This is my first blog post, I welcome everyone here to give their input and feedback as all of it is much appreciated and I feel like without it I can not move forward and deliver more quality content.

Change is extremely important to us as a society and most of the time change is for the better. Many of us fear change and for good reason, it’s scary. Nobody likes being uncomfortable and that’s exactly what change does to us, it makes us feel uncomfortable. We are creatures of habit and when we break our habits, especially the bad ones, then our body and mind are thrown off completely.

Recently this week I have been making many changes in my life and I have started out with little things such as making my bed every morning, drinking tea at night, and reading as much as I can before bed. Although these may not seem like big changes the purpose of it is to form good habits and naturally get rid of your old habits. I have noticed a vast improvement in my quality of life just by changing little things and I think a big part of that has to do with looking towards future improvement. If adding three little things in my life can make an impact like that then imagine what three big changes can make.

I am very happy to have everyone on this journey with me and I look forward to what this blog will bring to myself and everyone who reads it.


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