Making your bed

I know, I know you’ve probably seen this a million times on websites and books throughout the internet with people claiming that it’ll change your lives. Well, the reason you’ve seen it so many times is that it actually works! I by no means am an expert on self-help or improving your life but I can give you my real life feedback and I feel like many times that’s what people need in order for them to get that push to do better. If some random guy on the radio told me to make my bed every day and it would change my life I would more than likely disregard it. If my best friend told me that he’s been making his bed every day and it’s vastly improved his attitude on certain things then I would have to try it and see for myself.

Making my bed every morning has helped me with organization, cleanliness, and just getting into the routine of doing something good for myself. A room with a made bed just looks ten times better in any situation. This gives me a sense of pride when it comes to my room, I want to keep it clean, I want to make it look better and with that, I feel better as well. I’m also less likely to stay in bed all day when I’m bored. I think many of us are guilty of that and I know I definitely am. There are days when I don’t have anything planned and from the moment I wake up I’m in bed and even if I do little tasks or go out to eat, I always find myself back in that spot where I woke up. That can become a problem when it comes to your productivity and I feel like I have less of a chance to get caught in that when my bed is made.

Big changes are made from little improvements. I would strongly consider trying it for a least a week and I promise you will see an improvement. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about how it improves your life!

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