The Purpose

Why am I doing this? That is a fantastic question. Often times I find myself asking the same thing. The purpose of this journey and this blog is more to help myself stay motivated and improve my quality of life. Don't get me wrong I'm not in a bad spot, I just want to improve... Continue Reading →

Reading before bed

Ever since I was a kid I despised reading. I could just not get into it. It would always be me opening a book reading about a chapter and then putting it down and never picking it back up again. I didn't understand how people could read so effortlessly and be so entertained by it,... Continue Reading →

Tea at night

Don't like the taste of tea? Neither did I! Well, I'm here to tell you that it definitely gets better. I used to dread making tea only for it to taste like straight hot water with 1/1000 of tea flavor, I just couldn't get into it. Funny enough I was at work one day and... Continue Reading →

Making your bed

I know, I know you've probably seen this a million times on websites and books throughout the internet with people claiming that it'll change your lives. Well, the reason you've seen it so many times is that it actually works! I by no means am an expert on self-help or improving your life but I... Continue Reading →


This is my first blog post, I welcome everyone here to give their input and feedback as all of it is much appreciated and I feel like without it I can not move forward and deliver more quality content. Change is extremely important to us as a society and most of the time change is... Continue Reading →

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